Tourism by choice or by chance

Tourism has been identified as one of the key industries in the Timor-Leste in the 2011-2030 Strategic Development Plan. After years of working in the tourism industry in Timor-Leste our observations are that there is little understanding  about what the tourism industry is, how it works, the ways in which it works, how people can be involved, the benefits and risks of various models  and what it realistically takes to build this industry.


Is this something that you think is important? Do you have ideas about what cold be done to start this conversation?

Tourism in Timor-Leste; its time for a national conversation

2 thoughts on “Tourism in Timor-Leste; its time for a national conversation

  • FABULOUS Dave and Shirley. Can only hope someone takes notice of your REAL life, REAL time experience and expertise. Why do”they” keep spending money and asking the wrong people when it is as plain as the nose on a face WHAT TO DO and HOW and we all know the WHY cheers

  • Over the past several years, Charles Darwin University has been working very closely with government, tourism operators and local communities on developing sustainable marine ecotourism – particularly whale and dolphin tourism. Our results and progress to date indicates it has enormous potential to be a major tourism drawcard for Timor-Leste – particularly if appropriate regulations, policies and marketing are in place. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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