Over the years we have collected all sorts of resources and reports about tourism in Timor-Leste as well tourism in other developing countries. We have also talked to a lot of consultants and a few phd students. If you find a new resource or report please let us know via our contact us form

Destination plan for Atauro 2016-2017
Year: 2016 Status: Draft

Author: Coral Triangle Sustainable Nature-Based tourism project

Growing tourism to 2030; tourism policy for Timor-Leste
Year: 2016 Status: Published

Author: Destination human capital

New Paths for Tourism in the Sub-Region
Year: 2016 Status: Discussion paper

Author: Talent Team

Growing the non-oil economy of Timor-Leste
Year: 2015 Status: Published

Asian Development Bank

Timor-Leste Economic Diversification Analysis: Candlenut, Mobile Finance Market & Tourism Assessments

Year 2015 Status Published


Study of travelers to Timor-Leste
Year: 2014 Status: Published

Asia Foundation

Timor-Leste tourism research and development
Year: 2014 Status: Published

Robyn Jebson

Timor-Leste national tourism policies and strategies
Year: 2014 Status: Published

Jose Quintas

The potential for cultural tourism in Timor-Leste
Year: 2013 Status: Published

Shirley Carlos; Timor Adventures

Community based tourism network in Timor-Leste (Summary) Full report
Year: 2012 Status: PhD Thesis

Denis Tolkach

Private sector development in Timor-Leste Year 4

Year: 2008 Status: Annual Report


Considerations for Economic Zones and the case for Timor-Leste 

Year 2005 Status: Published

The development of tourism policy and strategic planning in Timor-Leste
Year: 2001 Status: Published

Bill Carter, Bruce Prideaux & Vicente Ximenes